Iona Dalli

Iona Dalli (* 11. März 1994 in Gudja) ist eine maltesische Sängerin.

Iona Dalli wurde am 11. März 1994 in Gudja, Malta, geboren. Sie ging ans Margaret Mortimer Girls Junior Lyceum. Im Alter von drei Jahren begann sie mit dem Singen und nahm an einigen lokalen Gesangswettbewerben teil. Mit sieben Jahren sang Dalli bei mehreren Musikfestivals in der Volksrepublik China ihr Lied Viva Malta, außerdem tritt sie regelmäßig mit ihrem Chor in Tunesien beim Carnival of Tunisia auf. Sie war Teil des populären maltesischen Musicals Gensa. Die Sängerin nahm an den Castingshows The Academy und I.D. teil, welche auf dem maltesischen Sender TV One liefen, teil. 2009 ging Iona Dalli nach London, um dort an der Sylvia Young Theatre School Musik zu studieren. 2014 nahm sie an Malta Eurovision Song Contest, der maltesischen Vorentscheidung für den Eurovision Song Contest, mit dem von Philip Vella geschriebenen Lied Could Have Been Me teil. Hier erreichte sie das Halbfinale, welches am 21. November 2014 in Marsa stattfinden wird.

Heute lebt Iona Dalli in Gudja und gibt dort seit 2011 Gesangsunterricht bei der Agentur Futur Voices. Sie hat zwei Töchter.

A Spray of Plum Blossoms

A Spray of Plum Blossoms (Chinese: 一剪梅; pinyin: Yī jiǎn méi) is a 1931 silent Chinese film directed by Bu Wancang and starring Ruan Lingyu, Wang Cilong and Jin Yan. It is a loose adaptation of William Shakespeare’s The Two Gentlemen of Verona. The film is one of several collaborations between Bu Wancang and two of the top Chinese movie stars of the day Ruan Lingyu and the Korean-born Jin Yan and was produced by the Lianhua Film Company.

The film is noted for its attempted „Westernized stylings“ including its surreal use of decor, women-soldiers with long hair, etc. The film also had English-subtitles, but as some scholars have noted, since few foreigners watched these films, the subtitles were more to give off an air of the West rather than to serve any real purpose.

The film tells the story of Bai Lede (Wang Chilong) and Hu Luting (Jin Yan), two military cadets who have been friends since they were children. After graduating, Hu, a playboy uninterested in love, is appointed as a captain in Guangdong and leaves his home town in Shanghai. Bai however, deeply in love with Hu’s sister, Hu Zhuli (Ruan Lingyu) stays behind. At Guangdong, Hu falls in love with the local general’s daughter, Shi Luohua (Lin Chuchu), although the general, Shi (Wang Guilin), is unaware of the relationship, and instead wants his daughter to marry the foolish Liao Di’ao (Gao Zhanfei). Meanwhile, Bai’s father uses his influence to get Bai posted to Guangdong, and after a sorrowful farewell between himself and Zhuli, he arrives at his new post and instantly falls in love with Luohua. In an effort to have her for himself, Bai betrays his friend, by informing General Shi of his daughter’s plans to elope with Hu, leading to Shi dishonourably discharging Hu. Bai tries to win Luohua over, but she is uninterested, only concerned with lamenting the loss of Hu. In the meantime, Hu encounters a group of bandits who ask him to be their leader, to which he agrees, planning on returning for Luohua at some point in the future. Some time passes, and one day, as Luohua, Bai and Liao are passing through the forest, they are attacked. Luohua manages to flee, and Bai pursues her into the forest. They engage in an argument, but just as Bai seems about to lose his temper, Hu intervenes, and he and Luohua are reunited. General Shi arrives in time to see Liao flee the scene, and he now realises that he was wrong to get in the way of the relationship between Hu and his daughter. Hu then forgives Bai his betrayal, and Bai reveals that he has discovered that his only true love is in fact Zhuli back in Shanghai.

A Spring of Plum Blossoms was released on all-region DVD by Cinema Epoch as a packaged disc (along with Shi Dongshan’s Two Stars in the Milky Way). The disc was released on September 11, 2007.


Hallstahammar er et tettsted i Västmanlands län i landskapet Västmanland i Sverige. Det er Hallstahammar kommunes administrasjonssenter. I 2010 hadde tettstedet 10 478 innbyggere. De nærmeste byene er Västerås, Köping og Eskilstuna.

Metallindustri var grunnlaget for samfunnet i Hallstahammar. Starten skjedde i 1628 da en smie ble etablert i Trångfors. Allerede i 1558 hadde kong Gustav Vasa bygget Strömsholm slott, som i dag er et interessant museum. Strömsholm kanal ble innviet i 1795 og gjorde godstransporten mye lettere, så transport og handel ble viktige aktiviteter i byen. I 1931 tok Hans von Kantzow patent på stållegeringen Kanthal (oppkalt etter ham selv i første ledd og Hallstahammar i andre) og etablerte bedriften Kanthal AB. Hallstahammar er i dag et tettsted med moderne og aktiv handel, men har bevart preget av industristed.

Thore Skogman kom fra Hallstahammar.

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